Akbaşlar Tekstil Conducts R & D Studies For Electronic Textiles That Control Health Status

Turkey’s largest “integrated textile enterprises” in the area Akbaşlar Tekstil gives great importance to textile R & D activities. It succeed innovations in textile sector by producing heat and cold resistant fabrics in outerwear.

Akbaşlar Tekstil R&D Center; was established in 2015 by getting approval from the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. The company, which has Turkey’s 12th R & D Center, having a team of 40 people specialized tasks. In the company’s R & D Center; production and process development, product development, design, patent, chemistry analysis and physical testing units, women’s outerwear, sportswear and defense industry pro- jects are being carried out.

Serving the group of women’s outerwear and sport technical textiles, the company works with sustainable fiber products in outerwear. Akbaslar Textile takes care to use chemicals containing natural raw materials in its products. The company that keeps pace with technology and makes innovations; wind and water impermeable, providing moisture transfer, produces products create air conditioning effect that heat and cold resistant. At the same time, the company produces towel fabrics that can quickly absorb water and evaporate quickly. In addition to working on women’s outerwear and sportswear, Akbaşlar Tekstil has been conducting R&D studies on electronic textiles recently. The company carry out works on products that measuring and analyzing one’s vital functions and monitoring the health status of the person in electronic textile. The product produced by the company as a result of R & D activities will provide pulse, heartbeat and breath control. Aiming to increase the number of patents and utility models in electronic textile products, Akbaşlar Tekstil aims to realize EU projects among its targets.