Cutting-Edge Hi-tech Fibres

For more than 20 years, Advansa marks its position as one of the main suppliers for the nonwoven wallpaper industry and offers high-quality fibres made by advanced production technology from Germany.

Advansa develops specifically designed polyester fibres with modified crosssections and coloured, binder fibres. The company has a large portfolio of customized products with more than 35 individual fibre types for nonwoven wallpapers. For the production of the nonwoven material for wallpaper, Advansa does not only offer standard fibre with a cross-section of 12 μm and cut length of 6mm. In order to infiuence the properties such as roughness or thickness, there are also fibres available with lower and higher diameters, shorter and longer cut lengths. Even within the portfolio of the standard dimensions, Advansa has a differentiated offer in order to balance properties such as thermal shrinkage as well as wet dimensional stability. In this way, nonwoven producers can adjust the attributes of their products according to the requirements of the wallpaper manufacturers needed in terms of processing and properties of the final product. The major factor here is Advansa’s complementary technology which completely covers the range of achievable physical properties and which is an instrument for further developments. The result is an optimal processing feature at every stage of the process chain with fibre know-how from German production. Due to the high quality of fibres, wide range of products and service quality, Advansa offers its customers a high level of productivity as well as a differentiation in the market. The company can adapt quickly to the needs of its customers thanks to its optimal location and fiexibility and can support developments; resulting in an
increase of the product value.