• Eruslu Nonwoven Group Ordered Spunlace Line from Andritz

    International Technology Group Andritz has received an order from Eruslu Nonwoven Group to supply a complete neXline spunlace line for its plant located in Gaziantep.

    The line has a production capacity of 18,000 t/a and is scheduled for installation and start-up at the beginning of 2021.

    This new spunlace eXcelle…

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  • Güney Biomedical Takes Its Place in the Medical Textile Sector with Mask Production

    Güney Biomedical, which is a sub-branch of the Teknik Fuarcılık Group, seized its place among the companies engaged in the textile sector by making new breakthroughs in the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic outbreak. Güney Biomedical, which has just entered to manufacturing experience, produces approximately 250 thousand…

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  • Güney Biomedical Produces Mask in Compliance with European Standards

    Producing masks at the standards of European Union countries, Güney Biomedical produces in a hygienic and sterile medium. Using the HEPA filter air conditioning and ventilation system in its production area, Güney Biomedical completely produces masks oriented for human health.

    Masks suitable for multi-purpose…

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  • Huggies Awards Grants Through No Baby Unhugged Program

    Hugging programs train volunteers to administer the soothing and healing power of touch to premature babies.
    ‘The Huggies No Baby Unhugged program’ is awarding seven $10,000 grants to help support or establish volunteer hugging programs in hospitals across the country. Hugging programs train volunteers…

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  • OUTLOOK™ 2018 Signed as Most Successful Editon Ever

    Over 500 key stakeholders gather for premier nonwoven personal care products and hygiene conference.

    With 510 delegates from across the nonwovens and related industries in attendance, OUTLOOK™, the primary conference for the nonwovens hygiene and personal care industry, was again confirmed as a key industry event…

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