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Besafe Masks Provide Complete Protection Even Against Mutations of Covid-19

Besafe masks, developed by Güney Biomedical, provide full protection even against the mutations of Covid-19 with a 99.8% BFE (Bacteria Filtration Strength) value. Besafe masks, which are newly developed and launched with the slogan ‘‘Effective protection with a single mask instead of 2 masks’’, can especially provide such protection. Masks are the most important protector […]

Effective Product from Toray in Combating Covid-19: Makspec® V Antiviral Textile

The company developed this 100% polyester offering in March 2020. It delivers exceptional washability and comfort. Toray used the JISL 1922 antiviral test for textile products. It exposed samples to Covid-19 and measured concentrations two hours later. As with earlier experimentation using the ATCC VR-1679 envelope strain, the company confirmed that the fabric reduced more […]

Techtextil and Texprocess Will Be Held in June 2022

With the shift to 2022, the two fairs will also change their event cycle and shift permanently to even years. The dates for 2024 have also been set and they will take place from 9 to 12 April. “We are delighted that, after close consultations with the sector and our partners, it was quickly possible […]

Microfibres May Stop Lungs Mending in Covid-19 Patients

Finding both nylon and polyester negatively affected the growth and repair of airway tissue, researchers said the microfibres could make it more difficult for those with COVID-19 to mend their lungs.  Speaking on The Plastic Health Channel, researchers will unveil new findings which revealed microfibres from textiles may be harming lung growth, development, and repair. […]

Smart Diaper Care for Adults from Ontex

The solution comprises a top-quality diaper with a printed sensor, a transmitter clipped onto the diaper and an app for mobile devices. The combination accurately determines the saturation level of the diaper as well as the risk of leakage and alerts caregivers to when it is necessary to change the diaper. This enables tailored, individual […]

Record Year for Suominen

The company achieved 2020 net sales of €458.9 million, up 11.5% from €411 million in 2019. Operating profit meanwhile climbed to €39.5 million from €8.1 million due to higher production and sales volumes, favourable raw material prices, and improved production and raw material efficiency. “During the year, we announced three capacity investments supporting our strategy, […]

E-Branding for Veocel from Lenzing

The Lenzing E-Branding Service provides the VEOCEL™ brand’s expanding network of partners with a platform designed to increase the value of products by showcasing the use of sustainable, high-quality and ethically sourced materials. Designed from the ground up to make the Veocel™ certification process simple, the Lenzing E-Branding service creates peace of mind for all […]