Yingyang Nonwoven Machinery: Reliable Complete Nonwoven Technical Solution Supplier to Fight Against COVID-19

Machinery and technology specialist YINGYANG has responded rapidly in meeting shortages in PPE, wipes, etc for this pandemic, by putting its all priority to build the nonwoven lines which are highly demanded in both domestic and worldwide market, to produce the high quality nonwovens for this application.

We interviewed with Isabella, Sales Manager of YingYang company,  which is one of the participants of the HIGHTEX 2020. Isabella explained the latest products they developed and their plans for 2020.

As one of the leading companies in the nonwovens industry, you have a wide range of products. Could you tell us about your product portfolio and usage areas? Which products of yours are the most demanded?

YINGYANG provides a comprehensive product portfolio. The products include but are not limited to the whole technical solution to manufacture almost all kinds of needle punched technical textile such as automotive interior nonwovens, nonwoven carpet, geotextiles, microfiber synthetic leather substrate; various kinds of thermal and chemical bonded products, spun-bond, spun-laced products, air-through nonwovens, air-laid products and others.

YINGYANG’ products range in use from materials for face masks and protective healthcare apparel to disinfecting products, many of which have seen a demand surge in the fight against COVID-19. These critical materials include nonwoven fabrics for face masks and respirators, for which YINGYANG provides a complete set of production line such as Melt blown, Spun-bonded, Through-air, Spun-laced & needle punching technology. Even though facing the great difficulties of shortage of the machine components supply, YINGYANG has been doing its best to manage for timely supply. During this pandemic, there are already a lot of high-performance nonwoven fabrics produced seven days a week from Nonwoven Machinery supplied by YINGYANG to help increase nonwoven supply for the urgent need of PPE production.

As YingYang company, you produced a lot of spun melt lines. Can we listen to the features and usage areas of these lines from you?

These spun melt technologies were introduced by YINGYANG striving to develop the most advanced and innovative technology to get the finest denier product, optimizing energy consumption, reduced manpower for line conduction and the minimum maintenance operations with a very cost-effective line. And the end products are applied for Mask( N 95, KN95, KF94, FFP2 and FFP3), Medical Protective Cover all, Disinfecting wipes etc.

Could you give information about the latest innovations and technologies you have developed in the production of diapers?

The products such as air-through, spunbonded, spunlaced nonwovens are widely used in the diapers, YINGYANG has been supplying all these technologies with the state-of-art machinery design and complete technical sulutions to enable our clients producing the best quality nonwovens with best performance VS price ratio.

What are the most important criteria in your production? What are the most important features that distinguish your products from other brands?

Quality and efficiency criteria have been applied in our production since the establishment of YINGYANG, in recent years, the production also focus on the Internet & Industry 4.0, environmentally friendly for the sustainable development of the company.

With strong R & D team, YINGYANG always provide the client with customized solutions among the most comprehensive product portfolio and best performance VS price ratio. Each project & every client is given unique attention with individualized focus from beginning of project such as business meeting and proposal, through the production &delivery, installation until its after-sales service, with fully complete file system for easy tracking and on time response. This has led to YINGYANG continuing to enjoy an excellent reputation as a major leading supplier of nonwoven machinery throughout the world.

What is your company’s approach to sustainability and environmentally friendly products? What kind of activities do you have in this regard?

The natural resources are limited on this earth, in fact, more than 70% of the raw material for our machines to produce the nonwoven, is from the recycled material, such as from PET bottles, textile waste, nonwoven waste,etc. As to our company products, such as the micro fiber synthetic leather to replace the natural leather, thermal bonded wadding products to replace the foam, PP spunbonded nonwovens to replaces the plastic material, acoustic fiber board to replace traditional acoustic products, etc, these are all great contribution to the sustainability and environment protection.

On the other hand, our machine design has been greener, more energy saving for sustainability as well.

Could you give information about your representatives around the world and the countries you mainly export to?

Heading for 30 years, YINGYANG has provided thousands of complete set of customized high quality nonwoven technology solutions in 74 countries all over the world, including to the west countries, also traditional market such as Middle East, South& Southeast Asia, Russia, Middle Asia, etc.

Can you tell us about your targets, projects and investments in 2020?

After heavily invested for our R & D laboratory, we will continually invest for our  R & D laboratory in 2020 with a number of Lab production lines for new product development, plus new powder coating system, new laser cutting system for our production, also with new production halls and new apartment building for our staff with more than 300 rooms for each individual, to continually provide our clients with state-of-art products from our best team.

Finally, which machines will you highlight at the HIGHTEX 2020? Do you mind sharing its features with us?

Even though YINGYANG will not display the real machine in HIGHTEX 2020, we have our show room in our Turkey clients. In the fair we will be open to introduce to the visitors about the latest development of the company, such as 2000rpm needle looms, also other new products since last hightex fair.

Interview: Dilek HAYIRLI