INDA Announces Three Finalists for the World of Wipes Innovation Award®

10 August 2022/by Özge Sutcu

Smart Textile Display Created by Touch from British Scientists

9 August 2022/by Özge Sutcu

Smart BRA with Built-in Ultrasound Technology Can Detect Early Signs of Breast Cancer

8 August 2022/by Özge Sutcu

Airbag Jeans to Reduce Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents

5 August 2022/by Özge Sutcu

Baldwin Partners with Blutec S.A. de C.V. to Serve Mexico’s Textile Industry

19 May 2022/by Dilek Hayırlı

adidas Unveils Its First Product with Spinnova Fibres

10 May 2022/by Dilek Hayırlı

Hygienic Solutions Against Viruses from Livinguard and Textilcolor

6 May 2022/by Dilek Hayırlı

Antimicrobial Coatings Market to Cross $7.5 Billion By 2027

22 April 2022/by Dilek Hayırlı

AMSilk Partners with Mercedes-Benz to Present a Sustainable Bio-Based Product

18 April 2022/by Dilek Hayırlı

165 Percent Increase in Aksa Acrylic Net Profit

4 April 2022/by Dilek Hayırlı

Smart Bandage for the Care and Treatment of Chronic Wounds from Singapore Researchers

30 March 2022/by Dilek Hayırlı

Nonwoven Consumption Will Reach 19 Million Tons in 2027

30 March 2022/by Dilek Hayırlı

Lenzing Celebrates One Year Launch of Carbon-Zero TENCEL™ Branded Fibers with REFIBRA™ Technology

15 November 2021/by Dilek Hayırlı

Champion® Athleticwear Renews Apparel That Would Have Gone Into Landfill

9 November 2021/by Dilek Hayırlı

Healix Company Establishes a New Factory to Process Plastic Fiber Waste

8 November 2021/by Dilek Hayırlı

Jack Wolfskin’s 100% Recycled Blizzard

5 November 2021/by Dilek Hayırlı

Pusan University Researchers Develop “Super-Flexible” Material

4 November 2021/by Dilek Hayırlı

SARS-CoV-2, Influenza A Inactivated By Zinc-Embedded Nylon Fabric

1 November 2021/by Dilek Hayırlı

Scientists Develop 3D-Printed Fabric that can be Soft or Hard

28 October 2021/by Dilek Hayırlı

New 3-Millimeter Latex Layer Empowered By Biocrystal® Technology Introduced

27 October 2021/by Seda Demirdelen