Nonwoven and Technical Textiles, which have emerged as a variety in textile production and become a private sector, are rapidly developing as the market of the future. The most current and all information about Nonwoven and Technical Textiles with the variety of products used and needed in every field of life and the specific technology for the production of these is available in the International Nonwoven Technical Textile Technology Magazine.

The magazine, which is the first and only in its field in Turkey, puts a separate production method and technologies under microscope in every issue. All the news by which you can follow every improvement, new products, production technologies and so on in the sector that develops continuously with R&D and innovations, access to academic and scientific data, and follow investments and direct your investments, is available on the pages of the magazine.

You can also closely follow the Nonwoven and Technical Textiles industry through the agency of interviews with sector executives, articles prepared by academicians, and analyses of developed technologies and their areas of utilization. The subject headings of each issue of the magazine, which takes part in important events in the Nonwoven and Technical Textiles sector of the world.