Secret of Teknolmelt’s Success: Know-How, New Product and R&D

Entering into the nonwoven sector in the year 2010, Teknomelt proved its power within the sector by accomplishing great things in the short period.

Operating in Kahramanmaraş, Teknomelt continues to attract the attention both via its production capacity and product quality. Teknomelt Chairman of the Executive Board Ökkaş Gümüşer answered the questions of Nonwoven Teknoloji.

Under which phases Teknomelt has gone since its establish ment? Can you tell us about Teknomelt’s story?
Teknomelt is the first and only company producing nonwoven in the textile city of Kahramanmaraş. We entered into the sector through Nonwoven Meltblown production in the year 2010. We are a company that underwent dificult development stages by having very valuable experiences together with our research team that can improve itself regardless of the technical dificulties that have occurred since the process of establishment. Today the company has a production capacity of 8000 tons annually through different covering and connecting techniques together with Teknomelt Nonwoven Meltblown, Spunbond, Spunmelt (SMS, SMMS) production lines and continues its operations while growing constantly. Every year we try to actualize the works increasing capacity and investments we aim to make on new production technologies.

Can you tell us about the production and the sectors that you provide service for?
When starting the nonwoven production, the target market in Meltblown production was filter applications, masks for medical and general use purposes and industrial cleaning cloths (Sorbents). Though it has a very limited market, today we became one of the most known companies within this production group by meeting the standards and high quality expectations of the sector with attentive works and entering new markets with new value added products. In the following years, we continuously increased our production range and capacity via Nonwoven Spunbond, and later Spunmelt (SMS, SMMS) investments. We came to a very significant point through quality and customer oriented service we provided in hygiene (disposable diaper, adult hygiene products and sanitary towels) sector. In addition to that, Medical, Agricultural Cloths, Bed and Furniture, Packaging and Promotional products, Automotive, Roof Covering and Construction are main sectors that we provide product and raw material for.

What is your assessment of the year 2016 and expectation from the year 2017?
The year 2016 was a year in which a lot of important events took place in Turkey and in the world. Majority of these are events that had regional impacts in terms of economy. We managed to overcome the coup attempt on 15 July in our country by being one as a nation. Although this situation caused an uneasy environment for the customers and suppliers with whom we have commercial relationship, we proved that we could consistently continue our way both as a country and as a company. Regardless of everything that happened, it was a year in which we actualized our sales targets. Among our targets for the year 2017 are to increase our foreign market share via value added products and to actualize our new investment plans.
Teknomelt is a company of many firsts. In that sense, how do you define your differences and what do you pay attention to? This subject is very crucial for us. When you consider the sector as domestic and abroad, there are certainly competitors that perform similar productions. It is necessary to have close relationship with and listen to the sector and customer groups that you provide service to and to understand their expectations very well. Developing the products suitable to the novelties by following the sector, creating the technical infrastructure for products that can meet the needs immediately and sharing the knowledge through correct channels in a way to meet the expectations of the customers. We do not only perform production for our customers, we also conduct collaborations within the framework of know how, new product and R&D works. When you blend all these works with a conscious understanding of quality, you reveal your difference.

Nonwoven and technical textiles are quite successful sectors in the world. What is the situation in the Turkish market? What are the areas that can be improved?
In terms of Nonwoven, disposable baby diapers, personal cleaning and hygiene products and medical usage areas can be seen as the sectors with the biggest market share. In our country, there are companies and brands within that field in terms of raw material, semifinished goods and end products. Although it may seem appealing due to its market share, when raw material and semi-finished good production increase but the end product consumers do not increase at the same rate, it will force the sector to search for different customer groups within certain production groups. When we take a step outside and look at the technical textile and its value added products, there are more qualified areas that necessitate long life. Automotive, Construction and Geotextiles are some of them. It is important to head towards more qualified new production technologies and to expand the production ranges via value added products. Thus you expand the areas that you will compete in both domestic and foreign markets.

Can you tell us about your fair participations? What kind of novelties will we see in the fairs?
Index fair held every three years in Genova and Techtextil fair held every two years in Frankfurt will take place at very close dates to each other in 2017. As Teknomelt, we will be joining both of these two fairs that are very significant for the sector. We will be sharing with our customers and visitors the new works in the products we conducted in the field of absorbing cloths used for industrial and environment cleaning purposes together with the ultra fine and soft Nonwovens we produced for the hygiene sector.