Berteks Produces Odorless and Non-flammability Fabric

Berteks, which has been in operation for nearly a century, continues to provide services by adding strength to its power every day. Growing with the knowledge and experience that goes on for three generations, Berteks develops itself with new technologies. The company, which has a high standard of production quality, has more than a thousand employees.
Berteks manufactures 30 million sqm of fantasy curtain fabrics annually in the machine park where the latest model weaving machines are located. The company exports to more than 200 countries on 5 continents and holds the field in the home textile market. About 80 percent of the company’s production is fancy yarns, drapery and upholstery fabrics, decorative roller blinds, zebra, pleat and polyester screen curtains, home decoration and glass balcony curtain systems, cartel and book production.
About 40% of the production is made up of technical textiles, the company has 22 registered brands, 2 patents, 8 beneficial models and 16 designs.
Berteks, which allocates approximately 5% of its turnover to R&D, has been serving in the R & D department with its team of 45 people since December 2016. The company aims to develop more inno- vative, modern, value-added products with its R & D center. The company has been working on energy-producing cur- tains lately. Nonlammability feature is developed in fabrics produced with special coating. In addition, these products will be provided with a high level of dirt-repellent antibacterial.
Berteks also has an acoustic curtain. The curtain is made of fabric that absorbs sound waves. The fabric that minimizes the sound in the environment is preferred in many areas. The product is mainly sold to European countries.
Because of the glass fiber used in roller blind PVC fabrics, Berteks produced polyester screen fabric instead of odorless fabrics in summer months. This product is odorless and it has a Non-flammability feature.
The company also has TÜBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) 1501 projects. With the developed machine project, an increase in productivity is achieved and a work that strengthens the industry 4.0. The company’s has fabric projects which clean production will be in its 1501 projects. At the same time, Berteks is developing university-industry coopera- tion with 1505 projects.