Covid-19 Spikes Demand For Surgical & Face Masks

The continuing novel coronavirus (Covid-19) scare the world over has resulted in high demand for surgical and face masks. There is also a steep rise in the price of the masks, along with a spike in raw material prices. Manufacturing companies are now working round the clock to cater to the rising demand for disposable masks in India and the world.

Seeing the huge demand-supply gap, many manufacturing units are investing in setting up additional machineries in their factories for producing masks from nonwoven fabric.

“Demand is too high; our workers are working day in day out to meet the demand. With our current manufacturing capacity, we can produce 2,40,000 masks every alternate day. We are also working on increasing our capacity by setting up another manufacturing machine, and with the installation of new unit we will be able to produce 3,60,000 masks every alternate day and hopefully we can contribute somewhat to fulfil demand in such a situation,” a Delhi-based manufacturer, who supplies to the international market, told Fibre2Fashon on condition of anonymity.

Krunal Patel, MD of DNP Enterprise, an Ahmedabad-based surgical products manufacturer who exports to places like Singapore and Malaysia, said: “Right now we are not able to meet the demand of surgical masks, as we don’t have that large-scale capacity to manufacture it. At present time, we are focused to supply to our routine customers. We have pending orders for next 8-11 months.”

“We are not taking any further orders for face masks, as we are running out of supply for the same. Everyday there are several queries and requirements from clients across India. We are receiving bulk orders for masks, but we are not getting any supply from our manufacturers to cater to the demand,” lamented a spokesperson from disposable face masks trader Arctelic Inc.

“Today morning we received supply of 100 masks, and within couple of hours all were sold. Even the prices have gone up for the same,” said a medical shop owner in Ahmedabad.