Santex Rimar Group: “Since ITM 2016 Is Such An Important Appointment We Will Participate With Two Different Booths”

Stefano Gallucci, Santex Rimar Group CEO After his degree in information sciences from the University of Udine, and a Masters degree from the University of Houston, Stefano Gallucci founded his first start-up in Silicon Valley. When he returned to Italy he managed businesses in the fashion sector and then began work in the start-up world. He founded and managed start-ups in the ICT and nanotechnology sectors. He is President of CenterVue (eye care diagnostics), co-founder of QID (nanotechnologies) and M31 (a start-up incubator). He joined Santex Rimar Group in 2008. Stefano Gallucci answered our questions about the ITM 2016 and the new investments.

Could you give us some information about the new structure, group companies and operations?

As a technology partner for knitted, woven and nonwoven fabrics and green solutions the Group started as different companies that today have evolved into Santex Rimar Group: Cavitec and Isotex lead the technical and nonwoven textiles machinery market; Santex and Sperotto Rimar produce machines for textile finishing; Solwa provides eco-friendly machinery for water treatment, food dehydration, agribusiness sector and waste management.

46During last 2015 we have been able to achieve our ambitious objectives and we are well prepared to further growth. Furthermore, we have partnered with customers in mid-term R&D projects, we have funded start-ups, signed partnerships with Universities and big players of the textile, chemical and electronics market.  With more than 150 years of activity and such deep know-how we have the experience to be innovative yet offer reliability, lower cost of production and environment friendly technologies.

Recently you started the acquisition of Smit Textile. What would you like to say about this joining and which advantages are you expecting from this fusion?

Santex Rimar Group and Smit share values such as quality, high levels of innovation, flexibility, versatility and commitment to fulfil customer’s expectations. Several customers of Santex Rimar have Smit looms, these customers have strongly endorsed this acquisition as now they have one large partner for all their projects. The entrance in Santex Rimar Group is an essential element of the Group strategic development and will allow Smit to use a vast sales and support network worldwide to open up new opportunities and to provide a higher level of know-how for customers. With more than 150 years of history Santex Rimar Group is present in various countries with four factories and more than 10,000 customers throughout the world and has the experience to be innovative yet offer reliability, efficient production and environment friendly technologies. The synergy between SMIT and Santex Rimar Group allows customers to rely on a global service network, high quality products, deep technological heritage and above all on an integrated technology provider for all production processes, from loom to finished – natural and technical – textiles.

Could you offer us some information about this broad variety, the usage area of your products and the advantages of these technologies?

We have customers who have being using the same machine from Santex Rimar Group for more than 25 years and eventually change it only for another Santex Rimar. This is what we call quality. Any entrepreneur making a project in textiles, technical textiles or a new application calls Santex Rimar Group. Our solutions perform consistently. We help our customers achieve their goal: our success is their success. We do this with a full vision on our customers’ business, from looms to finishing or impregnation or coating. No other industrial machine manufacturer can claim the same.

Can you tell something about the importance of the Turkish market for you? What is your market share?

Some of our most cutting edge customers are based in Turkey, indeed a very good benchmark for us. Turkey demands for high standards and cost control, high productivity and quality, and we are very good at this. Santex Rimar and its brands in weaving, textile finishing and technical textile are putting a lot of effort in this high end market.

With which companies of your group are you participating at the ITM 2016 Fair? Which products and technologies will you highlight during the ITM 2016 fair? Which innovations will you present?

Since ITM 2016 is such an important appointment we will participate with two different booths. One for SMIT (Hall 2 | Booth 210 B) and one for the other Santex Rimar Group brands (Hall 14 | Booth 1402 A). With the brand of Sperotto Rimar we are presenting our new Decofast 3.5, an evolution of our concept of decatizing with higher production volumes, lower energy consumption yet with a better hand of natural and of some artificial fibers too. This new machine implements our new sustainability effort of adding value to textiles while reducing the carbon footprint of the finishing industry.

Do you think it is of importance to participate the ITM2016 Fair to enable the most effective access into the Turkish and regional market? We would like to know your opinion in this topic.

ITM2016 allows Santex Rimar to show some of its latest developments in textile finishing, technical textile, nonwovens and greentech and discuss with clients about our technological vision. Sharing with them the outlook of their plans and our solutions helping them is the key to stay close to their needs.

Santex Rimar Improves A New Separate Products Division Focused Only On Nonwovens Solutions

Santex Rimar Group has an history based on innovation as well as on tradition. The new name Santex Rimar Group joins together the Swiss tradition of Santex with the Italian foresight which comes directly from Rimar founded by Giannino Marzotto in the Sixties as the Research & Development department of Marzotto Group, one of the world’s leading textiles manufacturers.

Santex Rimar Group is based on continuous global growth and innovative product development in textile finishing, nonwovens and technical textiles. The long experience in the nonwovens sector is today utilised to fulfil the ever-increasing demands for efficiency and productivity where our oven technology in thermo-bonding process still plays an important role for different and flexible applications like home textiles, hygienic, medical or industrial products.

Santex Rimar Group can use a perfect synergy effect in combination with the Santashrink dryer for textile finishing under Santex brand.

The new Santatherm thermo bonding oven uses the so-called forced-through-air-mode, which is well established in Santashrink dryers. The air reaches a velocity of up to 40 m/s at the nozzle exit.

The heat is transferred to the product surface in an even and effective manner. All kind of fibres can be processed independent from the webforming process. The airflow is adjusted perfectly depending on the actual product with a special flap and nozzle system. A user-friendly control system allows the selection of the airflow parameters, for example direction and kind of airflow. The most important quality feature of the new Santatherm is the uniform quality of the final product on both surfaces.

Efficient heat transfer and temperature stability result in a high productivity. Due to the modular design the machine is very compact enabling a fast installation and easy maintenance. As a result maintenance and service costs are very low. The Santatherm thermo bonding oven can be combined with the Santabond smoothing and calibrating calendar.

Together with the Cavitec coating and laminating systems Santex offers a wide range of solutions for nonwovens applications.