Güney Biomedical Takes Its Place in the Medical Textile Sector with Mask Production

Güney Biomedical, which is a sub-branch of the Teknik Fuarcılık Group, seized its place among the companies engaged in the textile sector by making new breakthroughs in the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic outbreak. Güney Biomedical, which has just entered to manufacturing experience, produces approximately 250 thousand masks every day.

Many businesses during the troublesome Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic period conducted studies on textile products such as protective masks, gloves, surgical coveralls that protect against the spread of the pandemic. Güney Biomedical, having started its production life with a capacity of manufacturing 250 thousand masks per day, sold a large volume of products in spite of its new establishment. Moreover, the company’s efforts towards exports continue at full speed.

Güney Biomedical, producing masks in the standards of European Union countries, also attaches great importance to production in a hygienic and sterile environment. The company uses the HEPA filter air conditioner and ventilation system used by the European Union countries during the manufacturing process of the protective masks in its production area and produces its masks in a fashion that is entirely for human health.

Production takes place in a hygienic environment

Güney Biomedical, in addition to being especially hygienic, attaches significant importance to the comfortable use of the masks produced under the brand name of ‘besafe’.

The manufacturing stages of the masks takes place as follows:

The masks, which are prepared by employees equipped with special outfits, are untouched and consist of three layers of fabric. These masks are then fitted with polypropylene (pp) coated soft and adjustable nose wires through the utilization of a special system in ultrasonic devices. Later on, these masks are steered to the unit where the tires are attached. Masks fitted with tires on special machines are delivered to the quality and control team. Masks, which are approved by the quality and control department, are sorted and packaged in the packaging machine.

Güney Biomedical manufactures four types of masks, which consist of three layers of spunbond (blue and white) and three layers of meltblown (blue and white). The inner surface of the mask consists of a soft absorbent and hypoallergenic nonwoven layer. In the middle layer; there is spunbond/meltblown filter nonwoven fabric and the outer layer has hydrophobic spunbond nonwoven fabric. The masks that eliminate pressure on the ears through the usage of the comfortable elastic ear loop, do not hurt or cause any cuts in the ear thanks to the latex-free round rubbers and nonwoven fabrics. These masks, which protect against viruses, air pollution, dust and pollen, do not cause allergic reactions because of their hygienic manufacturing processes and quality materials.