Yingyang: Our Priority is to Produce Quality and Environmentally Friendly Solutions

Chinese company Jiangsu Yingyang Nonwoven Machinery, established in 1993, is a leading nonwoven equipment manufacturer integrating nonwoven equipment and products with its research and development, technical process and supportive service.

YingYang’s product range includes needled nonwoven fabrics, filter materials, products for the furniture and bedding industry, spunbond lines, polyester and polypropylene spunbond and meltblown lines, natural fiber and waste materials, calender machines, winding, slitting and recycling machines.

YingYang exports 55 percent of its production. Among the countries where the company sells machinery; 72 countries are taking part including USA, Germany, Canada, England, Belgium, Mexico and Turkey.

We interviewed with Fan Liyuan, Chairman of YingYang, who participated in ITMA 2019. Liyuan said, as the company they reserve 5% of their turnover for R & D. “Our priority is to develop; high capacity, high quality, safely, environmentally friendly and automatic solutions.” he said.

What is the focus of YingYang’s productions?

We want to make the YingYang brand known all over the world. YingYang is one of the most value-producing companies in machine development in the world. Thanks to our full production lines in our factory, we do not confine ourselves to manufacturing but we also carry out the testing process ourselves, and we gain enough experience by experimenting with different types of fibers on each machine and increasing our technical knowledge about production.

Which products did you exhibit at ITMA 2019?

We introduced new technologies, by upgrading our existing machines by adding sensors and new electronic components. One of the products we introduced; YYQR Random Velour needle loom: The purpose of random velour machine is to make a non-directional velour pile effect on a nonwoven substrate for end uses such as automotive, floor covering, wall covering and felt for toys etc.

In addition, we presented synthetic leather, which is a high quality product made from micro fiber. This technology is to produce synthetic leather, close to leather in look and feel and mainly used in automobiles. We also exhibited our technology which we use in the production of diapers.

Are you satisfied with the interest of visitors to your products?

We’re very pleased. We also had new customers who came with the advice of our existing customers.

How does Yin Yang work to produce reliable and durable machines?

We have a strong R & D laboratory. We perform all tests in this laboratory and obtain clear data for each product. We reserve 5% of our turnover to R & D and constantly develop new products.

What are your most demanded products?

We have a wide product portfolio and it is hard to tell which one is in more demand. Because it varies according to region and period. Our products such as flooring, carpet, automotive interior upholstery are in high demand at this time.

If you have to assess in terms of export markets, what is the importance of Turkey for your company?

Turkey is an important market for YingYang. Our customers in Turkey are quite satisfied with our products.

Interview: Dilek Hayırlı