Zorlu Textile Sets New Goals in its Investments towards the Smart Textile Market

Through the vision of ‘Smart Life 2030’, Zorlu Textile sets its target to accomplish 50 percent of its textile turnover from smart textile products by 2025.

Zorlu Family, a group that expands step by step on the path set off with the textile sector, has weighed in priority and accelerated its smart textile growth strategies under the roof of Zorlu Textile. Zeki Zorlu, Co-Chairman of Zorlu Holding explained with his team at the Korteks facility of Zorlu Textile in Bursa about the vision of ‘Smart Life 2030’ and the cyclical economy-based smart transformation initiated in the company. New targets were discussed within the team, including Ömer Yüngül, the CEO of Zorlu Holding, Necat Altın, Group President of the Zorlu Textile, and Barış Mert, General Manager Korteks Company.

The smart textile market, which attained a total value of 160 billion dollars in the world, is targeted to accomplish 475 billion dollars in 2025 and 3 trillion dollars by 2030. Zorlu Textile, which procured 20 percent of its turnover from smart textile products in 2019, foresees that half of its turnover will be obtained from smart textile products by 2025.

Zorlu will continue and advance its investments in smart textiles

Zeki Zorlu, Co-Chairman of Zorlu Holding, declared that manufacturing in all aspects should keep on by following up the state-of-the-art technological developments despite the hardships encountered in the scope of industrial productions in Turkey.

Ömer Yüngül, the CEO of Zorlu Holding, explained that they are the leading company that creates the most employment opportunities in their respective sectors, and because of the smart investments in their factories, while the number of the employees has seemingly decreased, they have established fresh employment areas by carrying out additional investments.

Yüngül continued as follows: ‘‘As a group that focuses on the forthcoming trends and follows up innovations in the world in this aspect, we closely keep our eyes on the  Silicon Valley, which we see as the cradle of all innovations and the initiation point of many technological developments, and other similar technological hubs. We even established a company there. I think that the textile industry is especially very fortunate in this regard. Because the textile industry forms common intersection points and it is at the center of solutions for all fields from conductive fabrics to technical textiles, from wearable technology to energy, from security to the healthcare industry. The worldwide smart textile market, which was approximately 60 billion dollars before the 2008-2009 global economic crisis, has come very close to 160 billion dollars in size today. In this market, where China, the USA, and Germany are the driving forces, as a country, we achieved exports amounting to 1.7 billion dollars last year. However, when we consider the potential of the market and its foreseeable development, there are many possibilities that we can cover on this issue. As an innovative group that handles sustainability as a way of dealing with business and is live on technology, we will continue and advance our long-term investments in the smart textile area as a result of the conducted research efforts and the inspiration that we have gained from the Silicon Valley.’’

Exports Target Set to 200 Million Dollars

Necat Altın, Group President of the Zorlu Textile, Necat Altın stated that Zorlu Textile reached a total turnover of 605 million dollars last year while the exports amounted to 186 million dollars. Altın, further declared that they set their targets to 620 million dollars of turnover and 200 million dollars of exports for 2020, continued as follows: ‘‘We will build a more intelligent trade channel in the forthcoming period. Our purpose is to increase our turnover more than two times until 2025 through the smart transformation that we initiated.’’

Korteks Yarns for the Domestic Car

Zorlu textile division, being one of the ‘5 brave fellows’ of the Turkish domestic automobile project, also holds the position of the leading supplier of automotive companies in the world. Yüngül expressed that they are specialized in ceiling yarns of the vehicles, further declared that: ‘‘Korteks will also provide the ceiling yarns of the Turkish domestic car, and that task suits us well.’’ In addition, Barış Mert, General Manager Korteks Company, stated that they are in business with global brands in the automotive industry and they single-handedly provide 15 percent of the consumption in Europe by carrying out the exports of approximately 5 thousand tons of automotive yarn. Mert emphasized that Korteks provided ceiling yarns of the vehicles of Audi, Mercedes, and BMW, continued as follows: We have been manufacturing fountain pen yarns for 5-6 years now. In September 2020, the recycling machinery will be operational at the facility. Plastic bottles will be converted into yarn. We will initiate this process with 600 kilos daily at first. We made an investment of 5 million dollars for this business.